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Window treatments have traditionally been viewed as afterthoughts. Yet, with the rise of integrated, sustainable building practices, they've become crucial components in architecture and design. At their core, Engineered Shading Solutions are sustainable systems for both interior and exterior windows, employing cutting-edge technology to manage heat, glare, privacy, and lighting.

As the industry evolves with these advancements, architects face the challenge of staying abreast of the expanding range of design and control options. Confronted with these new and complex choices, what should one do?

The solution lies in consulting with experts. This approach isn't novel; architects routinely collaborate with specialists in fields like lighting, acoustics, audio-visual, façade design, security, and landscaping, among others. It's time to acknowledge the role of the Shading Solution Consultant in this list.

InSync Solar's consultants offer specialized advice on designing, constructing, and installing Engineered Shading Solutions that effectively reduce solar heat gain, minimize glare, and regulate unwanted daylight. Our consulting services enable you to seamlessly incorporate an exterior or interior shading solution into your upcoming projects.

Furthermore, as a division of Decorating with Fabric, Inc., InSync Solar extends its expertise to a wide array of window coverings, including drapery, Roman shades, blinds, rods, tracks, and more, ensuring that your next project benefits from our comprehensive knowledge and experience in window treatments.

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What We Provide

Architectural Intent

To determine the nature of the Engineered Shading Solution, which includes the type of solution, proper fabrics, and the options of power and control.

Aesthetic Intent

To evaluate and determine the quality of the materials, level of finish, ceiling pocket design, special hardware, fabric selection, type of user control and placement.

Functional Intent

To understand the level of automated control required. This would include such decisions as local, group or master control, level of integration, and sensors. The type of fabric in order to reduce solar heat gain, control    unwanted glare and manage daylight.


What We Include

Preliminary Budget Estimate

Our team will provide a general sense of what resources will be required to satisfy the architectural, aesthetic and functional intent of the project. This early budget number will reflect what may be required to design, engineer, test, source, fabricate and install the shading and control system.

Basic Design Concept Drawings

Our team can prepare visually representations of possible solution sets to be included into the architectural drawings for the project. Design concepts will be in an AutoCAD format with an accompanying PDF version.

Design Mockups

If required to provide proof of concept, our team can design, engineer and procure a scaled, functioning mockup.

Physical Samples

Our team can procure and provide physical working samples for the purpose of understanding the design, appeal and functioning nature of the Engineered Shading Solution.

Three-Part Specification

Our team can prepare, review and if necessary modify a Three-Part Specification that defines the scope of the shading and control system

Prepare a Working Budget

Our team can present a working budget that will represent the refined elements of the finalized project drawings and specifications.

Planning and Coordination

Our team can provide planning and coordination with other trades that relies upon the success of the Engineered Shading Solution. This includes such trades as: façade, ceiling, drywall, painting, HVAC, lighting and electrical.



To engage our consulting services, we offer a basic plan by billing $285 per hour plus other expenses as they occur and as necessary. 

A simple contract is provided that spells out the details. Invoicing is done at the end of each month and payable within ten days. 

Exterior Shade

Partial list of projects we've consulted for:


  • The Forum at Columbia University

  • Soho Towers st Broome Street 

  • Leroy Street Condo

  • Park Avenue Armory 

  • 125 Greenwich Street

  • Multiple Passive Houses 

  • Sloan Kettering

  • One 57 Condo

  • Oriental Mandarin on 57th Street

  • Core Club on 5th Avenue

  • 30 Park Place Condo

  • JFK Control Tower

  • 220 Central Park South 

  • Chelsea Piers 

  • Casa Cipriani 

Partial list of architectural firms we consulted for: 

  • Renzo Piano Building Workshop 

  • SHVO 

  • Herzog & De Meuron

  • Hart Howerton

  • Deborah Berke Partners

  • Cook Fox

  • Skidmore, Owings & Merill

  • CetraRuddy

  • Dattner

  • Rockwell Group

  • M2 Atelier

  • M Moser Associates

  • Gensler 

  • March & White

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