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About Us

Neil Gordon's journey in the window-covering industry began in 1985 in South Florida. Starting as an installer, he quickly demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication by founding his own drapery and upholstery workroom, a venture shaped by hard work and perseverance.

In 1990, Neil took a significant step by moving to New York with his family and establishing Decorating with Fabric, Inc. This "To The Trade" drapery and upholstery workroom quickly became a trusted name in the New York Metropolitan area, serving a wide range of architectural and design firms.

Celebrating 40 years in business, Decorating with Fabric is a testament to Neil's commitment and the strong relationships built over the years. Neil is also an accomplished speaker and author, sharing his expertise in his book "An Architect's Guide to Engineered Shading Solutions."

InSync Solar, Neil's branded line of engineered shading solutions, represents the culmination of his extensive experience and innovation in the field, falling under the larger corporate umbrella and continuing the legacy of quality and excellence.

InSync Solar is the Next Generation in Window Coverings. 

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