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Our Partners

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RESSTENDE: We are excited to share news of our new partnership with Resstende, a top-tier Italian sun shading company celebrated by esteemed global designers and architects. Since its inception in 1975 as a sunshade component distributor, Resstende rapidly grew, launching an original product line by 1980. Now, with a range exceeding 1,000 products and exporting to over 30 countries, Resstende thrives. The company is a beacon of quality, operating from a cutting-edge facility in Brianza, Italy. Its commitment to innovation shines through in the continuous release of advanced products that blend functionality with aesthetics.

SUNPROTECTION GROUP: We are please to announce or partnership with SunProtection Group. Hailing from Canada, they are on a mission to set the standard in North America for manufacturing top-notch architectural shading and daylighting systems. Working alongside our global partners, they aim to deliver cutting-edge technology and unparalleled know-how for interior and exterior projects to architects, developers, designers, and builders. Moreover, SunProtection Group is committed to raising awareness about the latest innovations in our industry, driving a shift towards enhanced comfort, efficiency, and eco-friendliness in both commercial and residential environments.

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