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An Architect’s Guide to Ripplefold Drapery

Attributes of the architect's favorite drapery

Benefits of InSync Ripplefold Drapery System The InSync Ripplefold Drapery System is the Architect’s favorite drapery treatment. It is truly a window covering solution of where function meets form.

Ripplefold Drapery is created by a fabric tape with snaps sewn to the top edge of the drapery panel. When these snaps are attached to the carriers on the rod, this creates an “S” shape design. This treatment is one of the best functioning vertical stacking treatments. It will have a tighter “stack back” then traditional drapery because there are no pleats to create bulk.

A few of the attributes of The Ripplefold Drapery are:

  • Soft flowing appearance

  • Suitable for Commercial and Residential

  • Panels can be pressed flat

  • No Hooks or Pins needed

  • Low track profile

  • Smaller Stack back then pleated drapery

  • Looks good from front or back.

  • Rods can be manual, motorized and curved


Residential Drapery Ripplefold Draperies are excellent window coverings for nearly all areas of Residential Interiors. In Living Rooms where a softening of the light is needed, Ripplefold Sheers provide an elegance to these spaces. The beauty of sheers is when the natural light seems to illuminate the fabric.

In areas where light control is needed, Ripplefold Blackout is perfect for darkening bedrooms. With the Overlapping Master Carrier option, light seepage is not a concern. To achieve multiple levels of light control, the Ripplefold Double Drapery provides both a sheer view as well as light control.

Contract Drapery Ripplefold Drapery work well in all areas of Contract including Hotels, Healthcare, Restaurants and Offices. Many times in these conditions, the drapery needs to look good from both sides as it is visible. With the unique "S" shape design of Ripplefold, there is no front or back as there are no pleats. If the fabric looks good on both sides, then the drapery will look good. This is perfect for restaurant windows with a street level view, an interior office window where both sides need to look good or in a hotel lobby.

Ripplefold Drapery is excellent for Hospitality and Healthcare. The ease of Baton Control Rods provides low maintenance solutions. The Snap On - Snap Off feature of the panels makes it easy for cleaning and eliminates annoying pins.

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