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Introducing the latest marvel at the Levante Waterfront Residential Complex in Genoa: Over 1,200 meticulously crafted and installed sleek motorized exterior roller shades, a testament to the precision and dedication of the Resstende team across four buildings and four floors each.

Picture 80 blinds per floor and a whopping 320 blinds per building!

Led by the architectural masterminds at RPBW – Renzo Piano Building Workshop and OBR – Open Building Research, the Levante Waterfront project is reshaping the Genoa skyline, turning the port's back into a stunning urban seafront.

Architect Luigi Priano, Partner & Director at RPBW, raves about the collaboration:

"Resstende's research and development team were instrumental in creating a tailored shading solution. Energy sustainability was key, and Resstende's blinds are the perfect fit, enduring seaside conditions while enhancing terrace livability."

Get ready for the future with our cutting-edge Dallas 110 vertical roller blinds, equipped with the Traction Kit 60, a feature that keeps the fabrics taut even in the most challenging weather conditions.

The selected SUNSCREEN SATINÈ 5500 fabric saves energy with its 4% openness factor and delivers a striking dual-color effect: vibrant blue outside and serene gray inside.

Angelo Furia, Senior Project Manager at Resstende, gushes about the collaboration:

"Working with RPBW pushes us to innovate, delivering solutions that wow the market while ensuring comfort for residents."

Resstende not only met but exceeded expectations, respecting the building facade's geometry with blinds open or closed and maintaining perfect harmony with window frames.

From Resstende's technical department, Architect Simone Pesenti underscores the challenge and excitement of merging aesthetics and functionality in contemporary architecture. But it doesn't stop there! Installation was a feat in itself, showcasing Resstende's dedication to enhancing the aesthetic and functional appeal of Levante Waterfront. CEO Fabio Gasparini credits the success to their tight-knit relationship with RPBW, which sets new standards with each project.

Photo credits: Andrea Botto

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