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Updated: Jan 7

A Symphony of Shade at Hotel Dei Cavalieri's Rooftop 

Milan, the city synonymous with fashion and architectural marvels, has added another feather to its cap with the mesmerizing rooftop restaurant and bar at Hotel Dei Cavalieri. It's not just the exquisite cuisine or the breathtaking views of the Milanese skyline that draw patrons here. The rooftop is a canvas where Resstende has painted a masterpiece with its state-of-the-art solar shading system.

A Custom-Crafted Elegance in the Sky

Perched on the hotel's tenth floor, this rooftop restaurant is graced with a bespoke creation by Resstende - a marvel of engineering and design. It features a suite of 90 tailor-made roller systems, each meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of this iconic location.

The Precision of the Dallas Traction System

What truly sets this installation apart is the impeccable precision of the Dallas Traction systems. The flawless alignment between horizontal and vertical cables is a testament to Resstende's commitment to excellence. This precision engineering creates a seamless "continuous line" effect, blurring the boundaries between indoors and out while offering practical, adjustable shade.

The Aesthetic Harmony of Vuscreen Catania Fabric

The choice of fabric in this ambitious project is nothing short of brilliant. The Vuscreen Catania fabric, with its elegant white/silver weave, not only complements the terrace's design but also acts as a subtle canvas, allowing glimpses of Milan's iconic skyline. This fabric choice underscores the rooftop's allure, marrying functionality with sheer beauty.

Blending Architecture with Innovative Shading

This rooftop project is an example of how Engineered Shading Solutions can become integral to a building's architectural expression. The Resstende systems on the Hotel Dei Cavalieri rooftop don’t just offer shade; they offer an experience - a harmonious blend of aesthetics, comfort, and innovation.

The Unspoken Hero: Customized Hardware Quality

The heart of this installation's success lies in the quality of its customized hardware. Each component has been designed with precision, ensuring durability and flawless functionality. This focus on quality hardware elevates the entire system, turning a simple shade solution into a pivotal architectural element.

The Hotel Dei Cavalieri's rooftop restaurant and bar is not just a dining destination; it's a journey into the realm of architectural innovation. Resstende's solar shading system here vividly demonstrates how function and form can coalesce into a transcendent experience. In the heart of Milan, this rooftop is a tribute to the art of engineered shading solutions, where every meal is served with spectacular views and serene comfort.

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