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Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Unlocking the Art and Science of Architectural Shading

The Essential Role of a Shading Consultant in Modern Architecture

In the realm of modern architecture and design, the integration of sustainability is no longer a mere trend but a fundamental approach. Traditionally relegated to the final design stages, window treatments have emerged as critical components in this sustainable ethos.

Engineered Shading Solutions represent the pinnacle of this shift, offering sustainable systems for interior and exterior windows that harness state-of-the-art technology for optimal heat management, glare reduction, privacy, and lighting control.

As the industry propels forward with these technological advancements, architects are met with the daunting task of remaining informed about the ever-growing assortment of design and control options for window treatments. In this complex landscape, the path to navigating through the myriad of choices is clear: the expertise of a Shading Solution Consultant.

What We Do

Much like the established practice of consulting with specialists in lighting or acoustics, the Shading Solution Consultant is integral to the architectural process. The consultants at InSync Solar step in to fill this crucial role, providing specialized advice on the design, construction, and installation of Engineered Shading Solutions. These solutions are functional and significantly reduce solar heat gain, minimize glare, and control daylight.

As a part of Decorating with Fabric, Inc., InSync Solar leverages extensive experience in window coverings, ranging from drapery and Roman shades to blinds and tracks. This expertise ensures that your project is enhanced with a holistic understanding of window treatments.

What We Provide

Architectural Intent:

We help define the nature of the Engineered Shading Solution, advising on the appropriate type of solution, fabrics, and power and control options.

Aesthetic Intent:

We assess and determine the material quality, finish level, ceiling pocket design, special hardware, fabric choices, type of user control, and placement.

Functional Intent:

We aid in understanding the necessary level of automated control, including decisions on local, group, or master control, integration level, sensors, and fabric selection for effective solar heat gain reduction and daylight management.

What We Include

Preliminary Budget Estimate:

We estimate the resources needed to fulfill the project’s architectural, aesthetic, and functional goals.

Basic Design Concept Drawings: Our team prepares visual representations in AutoCAD and PDF formats to be integrated into the project’s architectural plans.

Design Mockups: If necessary, we can create scaled, functioning mockups to demonstrate the concept.

Physical Samples:

We can supply physical samples to help you understand the solution's design, appeal, and functionality.

Three-Part Specification:

Our team is equipped to prepare, review, and adjust a comprehensive Three-Part Specification detailing the shading and control system’s scope.

Preparation of a Working Budget:

We present a detailed budget aligned with the refined elements of the project’s finalized drawings and specifications.

Planning and Coordination:

We ensure seamless planning and coordination with related trades crucial to the success of the Engineered Shading Solution, including façade, ceiling, drywall, painting, HVAC, lighting, and electrical


InSync Solar is your dedicated partner in integrating Engineered Shading Solutions into your next project, ensuring everything is covered, from conceptualization to execution. With our support, architects, developers, and designers can confidently embrace the new age of window treatment technology, where function meets sustainability and design.

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