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The Hidden Wire Open-Roll System

Discover the elegance of modern design with Decorating with Fabric's StealthBracket System, your sophisticated solution to open-roll shading. Crafted to perfection, this system masterfully obscures wires and screws, eliminating the need for traditional valance fascia or ceiling pockets. Revel in the sleek, minimalist aesthetic offered by the StealthBracket, with nine exquisite finishes that promise to elevate any interior. The fusion of form and function has never been more seamless or stylish.

Elegant Hardware Finishes

  • Brushed Nickel

  • Brushed Gold

  • Antique Bronze

  • Chrome

  • Taupe

  • Grey

  • Black

  • White

  • Warm White

Or choose Primer Grey for hardware that is ready for you to paint.

Luxury Rechargeable Open Roll Motorized Shade Without Wiring

When hardwiring is not an option in hard-to-reach spaces, add a touch of luxury with the recharge open roll motorized shade. A battery wand is unnecessary because the motor has a built-in rechargeable battery.

Low Voltage Shade with High Voltage Performance—Low Voltage Motor-24 Volt Wiring

Our low-voltage features a high-end open roll shade with a quiet motor that delivers high-voltage performance. The shade motor is available in 24V RTS, 24V dry contact, and 24V 485 platform technologies. The 24V RTS Radio Technology Somfy® motor features easily programmable wireless RTS control. Home theaters benefit from the 24V dry contact’s simple relay control for low-voltage shades. The 24V-485 motor can be scaled to fit small or large residential and commercial projects.

Embrace the harmony of form and function with the StealthBracket: The Hidden Wire Open-Roll System, a signature innovation from Decorating with Fabric. Our commitment to Engineered Shading Solutions ensures that each StealthBracket enhances your decor with its discreet elegance and stands as a testament to the seamless integration of technology into your personal space. With the StealthBracket, your environment transforms, offering an uncluttered aesthetic where beauty and practicality align perfectly.

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